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Create opportunity, healing & growth

Within my one-to-one sessions and mentoring programmes, my mission is to provide a compassionate and safe environment that allows women to be inspired, supported, and empowered to reach their goals.  My commitment is to help you pinpoint exactly what it is that will allow you to make the changes that you want in your life. Through coaching, I can help you identify your limiting beliefs and thought processes so that you can move through your challenges to create more positive change in your life.

My Services

Core Wound Healing Programme

Discover and heal core wounds that are impacting how you show up personally and in relationship. Learn ways of connecting to yourself deeply and release stored emotional pain. By letting go of the false beliefs that keep you in self sabotage and dysfunctional patterns, you can begin to operate from self-love and confidence.

Conflict Resolution Therapy

This programme helps you to clear up the judgements and emotional beliefs you have around relationships that are keeping you in right/wrong conflict. You will discover how to become more defined as a person and gain the clarity and ability to move towards healing conflict or relational tension. You can be the catalyst for great change and healing.

90 Day Mentor Programme

90 days is the optimal amount of time to create new habits and witness deep transformations. I have created this 12-week programme to help you show up in life as your best self. You will learn to let go of limiting beliefs  and unhealthy patterns and live your life with self love and confidence.