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Most Powerful Self Love Exercise

One of the earliest (and most challenging) self love exercises I encountered was mirror work. 

Mirror work is one of the most effective ways to practice to self love because we get an honest reflection back to us of our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. 

It was a profound experience for me.

To sit and look intently at the face I had judged so much and stare into the eyes of the woman I had pulled into the ground with criticism and self hatred was tough at first. It makes me sad to think about how I felt about myself back then. 

But as hard as it was to sit there and be with the girl I had avoided so much, after a while something happened. My mind started to quiet and my whole attention settled completely on me, particularly on my eyes. 

I could feel a softening throughout my body and sensed almost a sigh of relief that I realise now was my inner child feeling relieved that I had finally turned towards her. 

The next stages to this exercise involve deeper self love and mindfulness practices that take you into self connection and acceptance. Over time mirror work turns into mirror play as we become friendly, encouraging and supportive to our reflection. 

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Please always be kind to yourself when you do exercises like this , it can be very confronting at first. We are face to face with our fears and self judgements but if you keep looking you will be able to see through those judgements and discover who you really are.

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It takes courage…… to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives’ (Marianne Williamson)

Some extra advice when starting to move towards self love and healing is to make sure that you have a regular practice that is regulating your nervous system. Many of us who come to this work have highly activated nervous systems due to childhood or difficult life experiences. It is very common that the people I work with find it very challenging to regulate emotions and self sooth in challenging times. My first words are always to start to integrate practices that will build a stable foundation and help you to step into the becoming the observer of your experience rather than absorbing and reacting to everything. With this in place we are in a much better position to take the deep dive into our healing as we have a created a safe haven within ourselves. Due to our nervous system being happier we are able to see things more clearly, be less judgemental with the journey we are on and feel much more capable of creating the change we want to see.

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Always for your happiness.

Sara 🤍

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