Loving The Little You:

The Mindful Guide to Emotional Freedom

By Sara Reed

In my Loving the Little You free e-book, you will gain insights into inner child work, mindfulness and reparenting, providing you with the first step in viewing the world and your life in a more positive light, so that you can feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

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What's inside?

“Living is… exhausting. You’re constantly tired, you can’t seem to be present with the world, you feel like a shell of a person floating each day, and with every passing moment, you feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper into the rut you feel you’re in. Do you relate?”

In my Loving the Little You e-book, I explore mindfulness and how this incredible technique can help us to speak to and heal our vulnerable inner child.

"As we grow and mature, we tend to lose our childlike innocence and wonder while also maintaining certain behaviours we were taught during those paramount early years. The child we were, however, never leaves us. Instead, it becomes a part of us that influences our decisions as adults."