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Change is Possible

Hey you! Yes you!  That’s really not true what you are thinking. You know that thought that tells you you are a screw up or that you will always be overweight, or the voice that says I’m too old to change. Every single one of those thoughts are a big fat lie! 

Change is TOTALLY possible. How do I know this? Because myself and the 100s of people I have helped have experienced deep change and growth even though it felt next to impossible at the time. 

There are however, a few key ingredients you need to create the perfect recipe for your best-self life.

  1. Stop saying you can’t change or that something isn’t possible for you (please stop affirming that to the universe!)

In the wise words of Henry Ford ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right’ 

  1. Make a commitment today to take responsibility for your own wellbeing

No one is coming to save you! There are so many amazing people out there who can help to guide and love us but ultimately the biggest saviour of your life is going to be you. Throw that victim mindset away. You are the creator, director and producer of your time here. Stop giving your power away.

  1. Do one thing each day that takes you in the direction you want to be 

Small hinges open big doors! Do not underestimate the power of the actions you take. Even if you don’t feel like it just do one thing big or small that says is in alignment with what you want. If you are struggling with self care- take that bubble bath. If you are feeling stressed take a 5 min relaxation exercise, if you are building that business, send that email even if you are feeling self doubt. If you are struggling with emotional difficulties reach out. 

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We stay stuck for a few reasons, but mainly because we are creatures of habit and we believe the thoughts that are trying to keep us in our habitual behaviour. 

Why would we do this to ourselves I hear you ask? Why would our own brain want to keep us in unhealthy behaviours, or keep us trapped in unhealthy thinking patterns? Well, as amazing as our brain is at learning and conditioning itself it’s a stubborn old mule when It comes to unlearning and re-conditioning, which is exactly what we need to do to break free of the emotional trap we are in. 

Embrace the discomfort! 

When something feels uncomfortable its actually a great sign that you are stepping out of your usual familiar programming and into the new. What usually happens when people experience this discomfort is a swift retreat!- they see the discomfort as a sign of something being wrong. In reality that discomfort is you stepping out of your comfort zone and towards your goals and desires – it feels scary to a conditioned mind. 

A great practice you can do is to deliberately do something that is outside of your comfort zone every day! It is a great way to teach us resilience and how capable we are. It also builds self-trust and self confidence. Imagine walking through life with the self confidence to step into new experiences and the self-trust to know you can handle anything that comes your way. Being able to rely on your own mental, emotional and physical abilities is a super power- and it is something that can be developed in us all. 

So I say again- change is possible! Go for what you want, step up for your wellbeing and show yourself how capable you actually are. 

For your happiness 

Sara xxx

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