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Affordable Coaching

As people may be aware I have expanded my services to include mentor and coaching programmes. This has been really exciting and I have loved working with the clients I have so far. I work with a business coach who has been invaluable in helping me navigate the digital world to reach as many people as possible. I have worked with mindset coaches who have helped me to really tap in to my innate capability to become a success at what I do. Loving it!! 

The one thing I have struggled most with is pricing! You may or may not know I run Outside the Cave which is a community wellbeing centre in the heart of Edwinstowe, and we provide heavily subsidised classes and services which means a whole range of people can get the help they need. 

I have realised recently how close to my heart this is! 

During my new venture I have set my prices to be in line with the coaching industry and advice from my business coach, and during my time of investing thousands of pounds in other coaches I have realised on a deep level…….


Why should only people who can access thousands of pounds be able to access high value coaching services?. I want to include affordable coaching options so that everyone can have an opportunity to experience the transformations that individual and group coaching programmes bring. 

And you know what I’m going to do it!

So can we have a big shout out for my new thriving business where I will also bring to you inclusive and affordable coaching options!

If you want access to HIGH VALUE services then book a call. You can access lots of my free content, courses and webinars to determine the value you are getting. and guess what its high! If I do say so myself 😉

You can find out more about me here and what  affordable coaching options available. There will still be premium programmes available for those who want more intense coaching services.

This sits right with my heart and my integrity and I can’t wait to see how things develop and how many more people will now have the opportunity to flourish.

Always for your happiness 

Sara xxx

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